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Oasis Spa reopened on June 4th.
Wonderful Oasis150 Minutes3,500++ B
Healing inside and out with this fantastic 2½ hr. treatment!

First, a Body Scrub that suits your skin type exfoliates and rejuvenates skin.

Then you receive a hot oil massage combing the techniques of Thai, Swedish and Aromatherapy together.

It's topped off with a Thai Facial using natural products, you emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.
Hair Spa Package150 Minutes3,800++ B
This Softening & Nourishing Hair Spa Treatment gives your hair bounce and definition! A special formula of Avocado Oil and Pro Vitamin B5 will restore your hair to a healthy then let your whole body revel in the delicious sensation of Body Scrub and complete with Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage.
Coconut Nourishing 150 Minutes3,900++ B
Delight your senses with a Natural Coconut Body Scrub; nourish your body with a rich Fresh Coconut Hot Compress Massage, then finish with a Full Body Coconut Hot Oil Massage.
Ayurveda Package120 Minutes3,900++ B
Beginning with the dripping of warm oil on the forehead and a thorough scalp massage, the treatment continues with a traditional East Indian Style warm-oil massage. Many believe this two-hour long treatment prevents illness and promotes healing and wellness by balancing the body, mind and spirit.
Exotic Oasis150 Minutes4,600++ B
This one-of-a-kind treatment makes use of the ancient Northern Thailand massage stick to stimulate energy lines. It begins with hot herbal compresses and traditional Thai massage followed by a blend of Swedish massage, Aromatherapy oils and the massage wand. Oasis Spa original and uncommon exotic Exotic Oasis Massage leaves you restored to well-being, pain-free and energized.
The Paradise of Oasis 240 Minutes4,600++ B
This is your one-way ticket to paradise. Your stress evaporates when exposed to a Thai Herbal Steam treatment and the toxins of modern life are removed during the Body Scrub which uses a product of your choice. Then years of accumulated pollutants and contaminant are drawn out of the body with the Thai Herbal Clay Body Wrap. An Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage erases residual tension and finally you enjoy a refreshing, beautifying Thai Facial. After four-hours of pampering you emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon – transformed!
Sabai Stone Message 120 Minutes4,900++ B
This two-hour treatment is your ultimate de-stressor. Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on specific points of the body to melt away knots, tension and stress while additional stones are used to massage away pain, promote harmony, balance and peace.
Oasis Experience 240 Minutes5,700++ B
The experience of a lifetime begins when the vapor of ancient Thai Herb Steam prepares you for a Body Scrub using a product of your choice to exfoliate your skin. Then deeper and more oily contaminates are extracted with the application of a Morocco Red Clay Full-body Wrap. After your skin is toned by an Aromatherapy Bath, a four-hand Massage relaxes deep tension and delights the senses. Finally, you revel in the ultimate beauty treatment, a Thai Facial. Four-hours later you exude wellness and radiate contentment.
Touch of Nature150 Minutes5,900++ B
You will love this personalized treatment that renews and revitalizes - head-to-toe! First and organic Coconut Body Scrub creates more youthful looking skin. Then a Coconut Oil Body Massage soothes the mind and body. Next, a Facial Treatment and Facial Massage using organic oils makes you look and feel younger. Finally, it's time for your personalized massage therapy.
Lanna Explorer 240 Minutes6,500++ B
This spa experience will take your body, mind and spirit to places that you have not been before. It begins with the Thai Herbal Steam to cleanse underlying stress and prepare you for a purifying Body Scrub, an exfoliation using the perfect product of your choice. Next, for two solid hours, the body matrix and energy lines are revitalized with the massaging and stretching techniques of the King of Oasis massage. Finally, you will experience a stimulating Thai Facial. Beware, after this four-hour treatment people may not recognize the relaxed, powerful and more regal you.
Seaside Sensation300 Minutes7,500++ B
This session combines many of the most popular treatments requested at our seaside spas. First, enjoy a Thai Herbal Steam then take a quick dip in a Cool Pool. Then be pampered with an Aloe Vera Mint Body Scrub and the Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Wrap. To complete your pampering enjoy a two-hour King of Oasis Signature Massage and Biodroga ® Detoxifying Facial. It has been called, “The best spa therapy ever!” by those who tried it. .* (Only Phuket and Pattaya)
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